Sunday, June 28, 2009

POPULAR CULTURE: Jane Krakowski's "Ice Cream Dreams" Webisodes

Breyers Ice Cream is encouraging Americans to re-discover classic films with a new, modern twist, with the help of "30 Rock" star Jane Krakowski. Krakowski lends her personality and humor to new webisodes to promote Breyers® Smooth & Dreamy™ ice cream at

The webisodes feature a modern take on two of Hollywood's most iconic romance films -- Gone with the Wind and King Kong. Green screen technology enables Krakowski to come face-to-face with Rhett Butler and King Kong, engaging in a dreamlike conversation that showcases her comedic talents through authentic, fresh dialogue.

"As an actress I've always dreamed of portraying classic characters like Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind. Now, Breyers Smooth & Dreamy has given me a chance to star in modern, comedic twists of iconic Hollywood movies," said Krakowski. "The episodes show how today's woman would interact with Rhett Butler or King Kong in these romantic journeys."

To view the webisodes click onto the following direct links: