Thursday, October 8, 2009

MUSIC: Polish Compositions open Season - NYC

Monika Fabijańska, Director - Polish Cultural Institute, composer Paweł Mykietyn, Anna Perzanowska, PCI Music Programming

On October 1, Symphony Space in association with the Polish Cultural Institute in New York brought the musical talents of the The Del Sol Quartet to play music by Polish composers Paweł Mykietyn and Paweł Szymański, Mexican composer Gabriela Ortiz, and Cuban American composer Tania León in their season opener of “Poland meets Latin America.”

The San Francisco-based Quartet made their NY debut, playing U.S. premieres by the Polish composers. A conversation with Mykietyn and Leon, moderated by Laura Kaminsky, Symphony Space's Associate Director preceded the concert of music that was edgy, rhythmic, rhapsodic, and cutting edge.

Mykietyn is an emerging new force in Polish music. His work ranges from chamber music, symphonies, theater, opera and film. At the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival his musical accompaniment filled the theatre with crashing gothic chords in the theatrical production of The Dybbuk; while scratchy musical sounds echoed in Krum. His work can also be heard as the underscore of Andrzej Wajda’s latest film Tatarak (Sweet Rush).

“I take my inspiration from life,” said Mykietyn at the reception following the performance. “I use a mathematical approach to micro-tonal compositions, which in this new-age of technology are simulated on the computer.”

Mykietyn met with The Del Sol Quartet the day prior to performance to fine-tune their interpretation of his String Quartet No.2. "There is an element of dance to his work," said violinist Rick Shinozaki.

“It is an honor to have the composer in the room to interact and discover his personal nature,” said cellist Hannah Addario-Berry. “In this case, it was reassuring that what we were playing met with his approval. He offered his insight to the gesture (shape of the musical phrasing) of the music.”

– Staś Kmieć