Wednesday, October 7, 2009

POLISH PRIDE: Philadelphia’s Pulaski Day Parade’s “P.K.M. Connection”

One of the many groups participating in this year’s Pulaski Day Parade in Philadelphia was The P.K.M. Polish Folk Dance Group. The Polish Intercollegiate Club of Philadelphia was formed as a club in 1915, and then incorporated a dance group in 1960.

This year’s Grand Marshal was Dr. Stephen Skorczynski. Prior to starting college, Stephen joined the Polish Intercollegiate Club of Philadelphia and performed in the group for over 20 years and, at one time, served as Vice-President of the organization.

At the reviewing stand P.K.M presented an abbreviated version of Kwiaty Polskie, with an emphasis on the Podhale Mountain Goralskie segment, that being Skorczynski's favorite region of Poland. They presented him with an authentic ciupaga (mountain axe) with an engraving celebrating his selection as this year's Grand Marshal.

Representing the Group as Miss PKM was Liz Stasnek, a member of the zespół for 5 years.

This Saturday, The Polish Home in Philadelphia is organizing a zabawa dance - Jesienna Biesiada. The Voice Band will play a variety of Polish and Polish American music. Guests will be served a delicious, authentic Polish dinner and there will be door prizes. All this for just $25!

– Staś Kmieć