Tuesday, September 25, 2012

POLONIA: A Little Bit of Poland in Brooklyn

   Summer time is at a close and if you didn’t have the chance to get to Poland or the means to afford such a trip, one still has the opportunity to experience the vitality of a Polish existence. One of my favorite retreats to immerse myself in the language, culture and tastes of Poland is the New York City enclave of Greenpoint-Brooklyn.
   Once a post-industrial and residential neighborhood with its main claim to fame being a thriving Polish community, Greenpoint now epitomizes the Brooklyn renaissance. There are more Polish opportunities than ever before. Among the mixed blocks of Poles, Italians and Hispanic families and the much-loved Monsignor McGolrick Park, there is the distinct mark of Polonia.
   Check out the Janusz Skowron’s Polish Art Gallery in Starbucks, the bookstores, bakeries, Steve’s deli (where they offer you kielbasa samples off a knife’s point), restaurants such Karczma, Królewskie Jadło, and Golden Café, Peter Pan Bakery for pączki doughnuts… and yes, there are liquors store with everything imaginable - for your Krupnik or Żubrówka fix. Come to Greenpoint - you will feel even more Polish, and won’t leave empty handed!