Tuesday, September 25, 2012

LITERATURE: Gombrowicz Diary

   Long out of print in English, author and playwright Witold Gombrowicz's diary - Dzienniki has been revived in new English edition with translation by Lillian Vallee. 
   Grombrowicz (1904–1969) had lived in exile in Argentina since 1939, when he embarked on a diplomatic voyage to the country with other writers just as Germany invaded Poland and World War II broke out across Europe. He remained in Argentina for two decades, later discouraged from returning to Soviet-occupied Poland and the hostile communist regime. His works, which had not drawn much attention before the war, were entirely banned in Poland due to the writer's stance towards the regime. He gained fame only during the last years of his life, but is now considered one of the foremost figures of Polish literature.
   The new edition of the diary brings together three volumes that were previously published separately between 1988-1993, along with some previously unpublished writings originating in 1966-1969 – now arranged in their original chronological order.
   Witold Gombrowicz is the author of Ferdydurke, Trans-Atlantyk, Cosmos, and Pornografia, along with plays.  His diary, have been translated into more than thirty languages.  For more information on Gombrowicz, see the official website dedicated to his life and works: www.gombrowicz.net