Tuesday, September 25, 2012

POLONIA: Agata Khoury – Polish Leadership program

   Polish Youngstown Inc. announced that Agata Lyda Khoury, a resident of Poland, Ohio resident, recently completed the School for Leaders for the Polish Community from North America program (Szkoła Liderów Polonijnych Ameryki Północnej) in Warsaw, Poland.  She was selected from hundreds of applicants in the United States, Mexico and Canada, Khoury and secured one of the 30 spots in the program.
   Created by the national Polish Senate, this all-expense paid program supports the development of leadership skills among participants to make their work for the Polish community abroad more effective.  The School focuses on the strengthening of participants’ ties with Poland by getting them acquainted with contemporary Poland.
   Polish Youngstown Founder and Art Director, as well as Co-Director of the Krakowiaki Polish Folk Circle, Agi was born in Poland and moved to Ohio when she was two years old. She has been back to visit family only six times.
   "We were very excited that Agi was selected because the selection was based on the work we have been doing here as an organization during the last three years," said Aundrea Cika, director of the nonprofit organization. "We know that she will represent us well and bring back a wealth of ideas and connections that we can make use of moving forward."
   Other North American participants included: Joanna Beugnon, Marta Borowiak, Mariola Czarniak, Natalia Dmuchowska, Mateusz Domogala, Jadwiga Firstenhaupt, Ilona Frederick, Lucas Grabiec, Maciej Konrad Hryniewicki, Ela Jamiolkowski, Kasia Kaminska, Arkadiusz Kazimierski, Natalia Kusendova, Marcin Lewandowski, Joanna Marks , Artur Orkisz, Agnieszka Pokropek, Kasia Polanska, Brigitte Rajacic, Dominik Roszak, Gregory Rozdeba, Tomasz Rozdeba, Marcin Skarżyński, Marcelina Sladewska, Matthew Stefanski, Pawel Sulzycki, Joanna Tomaszewski, Barbara Waginska , and Monika Wilk.