Tuesday, September 25, 2012

PERFORMANCE - Śląsk Returns with Two Tours

by Staś Kmieć
   The Śląsk Song and Dance Ensemble of Poland will tour the United States in two separate tours by two different producers.  The first tour under the auspices of Polski Express in October and November; the second will take place in March 2013.
   Zespół Pieśni i Tańca "Śląsk" was founded in 1953 by composer Stanisław Hadyna and is named after the southwestern Śląsk region.  The company originally focused on the folk traditions of this particular region, but has since expanded its repertoire to include many Polish regions.  Based in Koszęcin, the ensemble has performed for over 20 million people worldwide.
   The Śląsk ensemble performs the masterful music of Hadyna extracted from folk melodies, and has worked with such notable Polish composers as Wojciech Kilar.  Their program features much of the brilliant stage work of its founding choreographer Elwira Kamińska.
   In Youngstown, OH, the Śląsk vocal ensemble will celebrate the dedication of the Shrine to Our Lady of Częstochowa at St. Columba Cathedral on October 30, by singing the mass prelude and later being the entertainment at the fundraising dinner following.

  The following dates have been confirmed:
·         October: 26 – Chicago, IL; 27 – Detroit, MI; 28 –Chicago; 29 - Cleveland, OH; 30 – Youngstown, OH
·         November: 2 - Lodi, NJ; 3 -New Britain, CT; 4 – Stamford, CT
   Possible dates to be scheduled in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.  For additional dates and venue information check: www.polskiexpress.com, (860) 826-5477;or www.pajtoday.blogspot.com.

The March tour that already includes the Bronx, Schenectady, NY, and Princeton, NJ will be announced as the itinerary is completed.